How do I add a stream link manual to my player?
Here you will find the links to our various stream servers.

If you want to play LOUNGE-RADIO.COM manually with a different player or the links doesn't launch the player automatically, then use File/Location, "Open URL" or "Open Address" in the external player menu and add the appropriate URL to your playlist. Select the URL according to an audio stream format which is supported by your player. Here is a list of files/links supported by  
: 64kbps AAC+ stream 
: 128kbps mp3 stream 
: 64kbps WMA9 stream

The SHOUTcast MP3 format is supported by most of the external players (an exception are the older versions of Windows Media Player).
If you are still not able to listen to LOUNGE-RADIO.COM, check also your firewall or proxy settings.
If you are behind a firewall or proxy make sure the appropriate ports are free and open. We use the following ports :

MP3: 80, 8000, 8010, 8080,

WMA: 80, 8080

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