how can i listen with my mobile phone ?

for listening over your mobile phone or iPhone follow this instructions.

1. iPhone & Android

Since we do not have a own mobile app we recommend for listening :

Other iOS Mobile Apps

- SHOUTcast (iTunes App Store) - free (recommened)
- FStream (iTunesApp Store - free (recommened)
- VisuaRadio (iTunes App Store) - cost some $
- myRadios (iTunesApp Store - cost some $
- WunderRadio (iTunesApp Store - cost some $
- ... any many more !!!


2. Any Mobile

For Any mobile App which support the AACPlus-codec we offer 64kbit AAC Plus. This includes popular phones from manufacturers like BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, etc. Apple's (non-3GPP-compatible) iPhone is also supported.

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