how can i listen with my mobile phone or iPhone ?

for listening over your mobile phone or iPhone follow this instructions.

1. iPhone

We tested several iPhone applications. here some of them we recommend for listening

- SHOUTcast (iTunes App Store) - free (recommened)
- FStream (iTunesApp Store - free (recommened)
- VisuaRadio (iTunes App Store) - cost some $
- myRadios (iTunesApp Store - cost some $
- WunderRadio (iTunesApp Store - cost some $
- ... any many more !!!



2. Blackberry


It seams that the the Blackberry mobiles not have the right codec out of the box for playing our mp3 streams. If you google you may find companies selling player apps for your Blackberry, which are able to to stream directly to your mobile.

Here are some links we found.

Mobiola xPlayer from

Features :

  • Listen to Live music and stay informed about the latest events from live news!
  • Explore 100+ predefined radio stations in all genres: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Hiphop & RNB, world, pop.
  • Mobiola xPlayer works via all types of connection - BIS, BES, Wi-Fi and direct TCP.
  • Listen to actual business, sport, music podcast on the go and add your own podcasts!
  • Now subscription for new podcasts is available via RIM
  • Push - new featureMobiola xPlayer requires a license for Live Radio and podcasts. All other functionality is absolutely free!
  • All the most popular audio and video formats are supported: mp3, m4a, avi, mp4, 3gp, wma, amr, mid, wav, aac, WMV.
  • Playlist management: Create, Edit and Save your own playlists. Add a single file or a whole folder to a playlist.
  • Sort your playlist by title, by author, by path or shuffle it.
  • Forward/Rewind feature.
  • Use different themes to change the look of xPlayer.
  • Background mode. 

Please be aware, that we couldn't test this player, because we dont have a Blackberry. If you have found a better solution, please let us know and we add this recommendation here.


3. Any Mobile

For Any mobile App which support the AACPlus-codec we offer 64kbit AAC Plus. This includes popular phones from manufacturers like BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, etc. Apple's (non-3GPP-compatible) iPhone is also supported.

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