cloud9man: drying off my feet...
cloud9man: From swamp life to lounge life. @kahn
kahn arsst: @djg: it's too trance for me i do love the house of funk tho....
kahn arsst: back from the swamp!
cloud9man: @Simba thanks for opening the gate
DJ Goop: @ Simba / Cat / Kahn: If you find yourself in the mood for something a little faster, try this out:
Simba360*: ...Long Live "LR' crew....
Simba360*: ..welcome back 2 da'lounge...its' great 2 have U amongst us space travelers...
Simba360*: ...ATTENTION....all hail da' return of the " cloud9man "...
cloud9man: Excuse me, can I have my seat back?
scarpa: ../\thx to da kahnmeister, have a nice weekend all/\..
kahn arsst: and the rest of you lurkers
kahn arsst: tips hat at simba (teh funky drummer), cat
kahn arsst: i agree with Dav01963
Davo1963: Make sur eyou all do your bit to contribute your hard earned to this station. We wouldnt want to lose her now would we. You know what the oprions are
Simba360*: ......
Cat: ... and long live my bro Simba white sand beaches purrrrr
Simba360*: ...Long Live "LR"....
Simba360*: checkin' in from da' Lions den...white sand beaches...warm ocean breezes....lotsa' sunshine...OH YEAH....!
Simba360*: greets 2 all space travelers'...near an' far...
Simba360*: ...sista Cat...I agree DJ Goop is well respected an' missed 4 sure...also great 2 see my "LR" sister...
Cat: @dj g... you're the best! first heard u on l-r yrs ago so thanx to Thomas sould mix streamin through the bose niiice
DJ Goop: @Cat: ;)
Cat: drifting by l-r on a monday morning... wow Goop was here! Sa-weet! Lounge greetings to all u space travellers from the pacific northwest
scarpa: ../\..../\..
thos: Buenas tardes... L.R.
bri981: Always relaxing at LR.
Simba360*: ...Long Live "LR"....
Voj:D: Morning from Sundsvall, Sweden
kahn arsst: @djg: yeah, not bad
DJ Goop: Or you can check it out on Mixcloud:
DJ Goop: @Kahn: Does your Dropbox ID start with "hans"? If not, can you tell me what it is?
kahn arsst: @djg: didn't see anything
DJ Goop: @ Kahn B arsst: Check your Dropbox as I just uploaded a new mix you might dig. Since you enjoy CON-TRAILS. It's similar but not the same. More current music.
maybe: Angie?)
DJ Goop: Cool man. Have a great week!
kahn arsst: @dj goop, no worries, we already did it, back in mixcloud contrails, the ultimate mix imho
DJ Goop: Kahn B arsst...just happened by the site today and saw your post here. Lemme know if you are looking for something specific.
RJanson: and the best part; some of the banners of the website are actually showing Singapore Skyline, how cool is that!
RJanson: was hoping it is still around, and there I go! Love it
RJanson: Havent listened to LR for years, after relocating to SG; Just remembered how good was LR
RJanson: Chillin at work plugged to LoungeRadio, what else?
RJanson: HI guys from Singapore
kahn arsst: what ho loungers - hope all is well with y'all
real m: ...TGIF...
Simba360*: ...thanx kahn...
kahn arsst: as to dj duck no idea. dj goop i can help with