Dr Sleepy: i saw you!!! Come back fast tthen, we'll share the cost!!
miss D: But off course, dr.! *hides the empty bottle and rushes to the store to get a new one.
Dr Sleepy: Champagne? Someone said Champagne? Save some for the doctor!!!
Simba360*: ...Viva "LR" siempre...
miss D: Happy pre-Easter, everyone! *clinck*
miss D: Okokok..*retrieves champagne from fridge again :-)
real m: What a pity!
miss D: Thanks, real m :-D *puts champagne back into fridge.
real m: No but in 360 days
miss D: Is it new year yet?
real m: Yeah heffa HNY lounge folks
Simba360*: ... Long Live "LR".....
Dr Sleepy: Happy and peaceful new year to everyone!
Cat: hope all is well in everyone's lounge world more snow on its way to the pacific northwest tonite
Cat: thinkin' of the lounge family at this festive time some nice tracks there kahn! i just made a 'Christmas Thievery' playlist purrrrrr
kahn arsst: compliments of the season to all ye loungers, merrye or otherwise
Simba360*: ...greetz 2 all space travellers...near an' far...
Simba360*: ...0330 zulu hrs. in the 'Lions Den'...
Simba360*: ...Long Live "LR"...
porkie: @kahn, those Frastero guys are pretty noisy. I bet they record in a Madrid basement or garage box.
Dr Sleepy: Yeah! Another day of work over!
scarpa: ../\/\..
real m: TGIF
real m:
kahn arsst: *forgets he's holding a manhattan at the same time, tips that down his front
kahn arsst: *tips hat to y'all
kahn arsst: good to see the old crew emerging from the crumbs down the sides of the cushions
kahn arsst: nothing to do with me, some spanish jazzers from madrid.
kahn arsst: for a listen
kahn arsst: can i recommend a record to you lurkers? El submarinista en el tejado by Forastero. very urban modernists in style
scarpa: ../\/\..great to see you back on da box..greez to all loungers..
Dr Sleepy: I love that Tokyo mix.
Dr Sleepy: Had a long one year sleep...
Dr Sleepy: The doctor is back!
maybe: Love)
real m: thx.... and to you simba
Simba360*: "LR" wishes 4 U , real m..peace..
real m: scorpions
real m: hi there the real one is well... seems lotta scoprpions are off to party their bdays ;)
gizmo: hi everyone long time no type hope all is well with you all
scarpa: ../\/\..
miss D: I am lurking at the lounge sofa, and I lurk at the served Mojito too.
porkie: I always feel like somebody's lurking at me...
porkie: What are you all lurking at?
miss D: Thank you scarpa, waving at you :-)