scarpa: /\..late night worx, but tomorrow sun and beer../\
kahn ▀ arsst: now, where's that beer?
kahn ▀ arsst: @ missd: well it's made a welcome return
miss D: A long time ago, when we were tiny loungers there was a thing up the sky, bright light and warm, remember? ..I was melancholic..luckily we still have the photos..
kahn ▀ arsst: sun? what's that?
miss D: well well well, not overly crouded here. Anyone for an early coctail in the sun, just because we can?
scarpa: ../\sunshine and spring in oswg/\..
bladerunner: i've...seeeen things...
bladerunner: hey guys...
miss D: @kahn, south of France and barely pinguins indeed.
kahn ▀ arsst: thumbs up @ the goopmeister
DJ Goop:
DJ Goop: Hey fellow loungers...Not sure if there are any other Blade Runner fanaddicts like me here. But in case there are, I wanted to share with you a new mix I put together blending the two movies soundtracks together. The original movies score was one of the
scarpa: ../\@ miss D, all ok in oswg,greezz to all loungers/\..
Kopernie: the song at 17:05:19 Marlon And Jo Laundy Marlon Cherry äalwayz on my mindô was sensational
kahn ▀ arsst: trip to the south pole?
kahn ▀ arsst: @missd: camping? at subzero temps?
kahn ▀ arsst:
kahn ▀ arsst: you didn't pay up!
donmarkoni: Hey! The music has stopped 15 minutes ago. What's going on?
miss D: I am just back from camping in the wild at -14 C. Gotta love campfires and ice-coffee..
miss D: Hi scarpa, please come in to let us know you are not frozen there on top of the mountain.
jelly: Greetings chillers. I'm loving the Deodato - I have the original vinyl!!
Dr Sleepy: Yep, I've heard it all! The Commodores on L-R. I'm easy like Sunday morning, yeeaaah!
Simba360*: ..Long Live "LR"...
Simba360*: @DJ Goop it...thnx...
fs929: Fantastic mood setting music! Thanks LR.
scarpa: ..specialy greetz to da queen miss D..
scarpa: ../\sitting on da sofa and no sport/\..
scarpa: ../\greez to all loungers, we have da snow in oswg/\..
DJ Goop: @Simba: Ok, I just shared the folder out with you that has this mix in it. Let me know if you don't receive.
Felinerocker: Oi folks!
Agleh_71: Odddő
Agleh_71: Odddő
kahn ▀ arsst: brilliant music inspired by and from all over the world. pay what you want for a load of ambient goodness
kahn ▀ arsst: here's another re'kahn'endation..
kahn ▀ arsst: it's friday loungerzzzz
Simba360*: @ DJ [email protected]
DJ Goop: @Simba: I don't think I do. Remind me of it and I will email you a link.
Simba360*: I am still learning how 2B 'tach-savvy'...this ol'Lion, still remember 'the phone on the wall' I am catching up....modern technology 101...hmm.....
Simba360*: [email protected] Gopp Miester...greetings, I am not sure , however U did send a mix B4...2 my U still have it...?
DJ Goop: @Simba: Did I give you access to my Dropbox? I think I can get that "Exit to Eden" mix for you now and put it in there.
Simba360*: ......
Simba360*: ...Long Live "LR"....!
Simba360*: ..much love an' respect 2 all of da'crew....near an' far...