fs929: Fantastic mood setting music! Thanks LR.
scarpa: ..specialy greetz to da queen miss D..
scarpa: ../\sitting on da sofa and no sport/\..
scarpa: ../\greez to all loungers, we have da snow in oswg/\..
DJ Goop: @Simba: Ok, I just shared the folder out with you that has this mix in it. Let me know if you don't receive.
Felinerocker: Oi folks!
Agleh_71: Oddd
Agleh_71: Oddd
kahn arsst: brilliant music inspired by and from all over the world. pay what you want for a load of ambient goodness
kahn arsst: here's another re'kahn'endation..
kahn arsst: it's friday loungerzzzz
Simba360*: @ DJ [email protected]
DJ Goop: @Simba: I don't think I do. Remind me of it and I will email you a link.
Simba360*: I am still learning how 2B 'tach-savvy'...this ol'Lion, still remember 'the phone on the wall' I am catching up....modern technology 101...hmm.....
Simba360*: [email protected] Gopp Miester...greetings, I am not sure , however U did send a mix B4...2 my U still have it...?
DJ Goop: @Simba: Did I give you access to my Dropbox? I think I can get that "Exit to Eden" mix for you now and put it in there.
Simba360*: ......
Simba360*: ...Long Live "LR"....!
Simba360*: ..much love an' respect 2 all of da'crew....near an' far...
Simba360*: ..of course...white sand beaches...warm ocean breezes an' 4 sure lotsa SUNSHINE....
Simba360*: ok, now that everyone has a full belly...all aboard the "LR" starship ' stop, well , least some where in the "LR" universe where theres...OH YESSSS....!
Simba360*: now, hot German bread w/ homemade jam...
Simba360*: spanish paella w/ huge shrimp....!
Simba360*: ok, its' time 4 a "LR" caravanserai....lets start w/ peppermint tea...chicken soup w/ big noodles
Simba360*: also pleazzzz, get betta, all of U r under the weather...hmmm!
Simba360*: ...x'press delivery of ; warm ocean breezes, white sand beaches, an abundance of SUNSHINE 2 all of da'crew...
miss D: Stay strong scarpa.Sending you some comfort rays.
miss D: scarpa, is there snow around at your place? Keep your ski's warm and your feet as well : -)
miss D: Get well soon, kahn. I am coughing up castle too, perfect since in am in the middle of moving. I hope you have time to recover and catch some vit. D in the scarce sunshine.
cloud9man: I have all the clouds, Simba has the sun...
scarpa: risk no fun..but here Scherbenhaufen..waitng for better days..greetz to all!..
scarpa: *fine*
scarpa: [email protected] kahnmeister back from da hospital finr to be here on da sofa..
kahn arsst: and guten morgen to the mountain man of oswg
kahn arsst: treasure chest empty... for now
kahn arsst: feeling a bit under the weather, tbh
scarpa: [email protected] D sorry :Queeeen
kahn arsst: wotcha simba (and others )
scarpa: ..greetz to all loungers..fine to see da Quenn is back here..have a successful day all..
DJ Goop: @Simba: Did I give you access to my Dropbox? I think I can get that mix for you now and put it in there.
miss D: aren't, sorry my sloppy typing.
miss D: Hi Simba, you are a bit on your own here, arn't you? I bet the loungers are silently around, a bit hibernating perhaps 'cause it's winter ;-) Stay warm, Lionking.
Simba360*: the way, haven't seen any clouds lately, C9M...where den clouds...?...
Simba360*: ...kommander kahn, what ya got n da'LR treasure chest...
Simba360*: ..Cat, come out, come out , wherever U R purrrrring...
Simba360*: ...also wheres' my feline sista...