scarpa: ../\/\..
real m: so right
kahn arsst: sir marc did a cracking job on this micatone mix
Simba360*: greets 2 all space travelers' ...near an' far...
Simba360*: @ c9m...its' great 2 see U ...hope all is well , much respect...
cloud9man: There's always cheese in the mousetrap baby...
arhaluk: @OlegTheLight, cool thing
OlegTheLight: Cannibal Kiss Candy (Sunlighsquare Remix)
Simba360*: ...Long Live "LR" .....
Simba360*: ...pass da'goda ...while ur at it....I'll take another big stein of "LR" bliss....
Simba360*: ...relax...sit back...n'joy the "LR" ride....
kahn arsst: one man's cheese is another man's lounge?
Davo1963: Whats going on. Im hearing too much Cheesy / Happy Clapper sounds lateley. Not Good
scarpa: ../\/\..
arhaluk: @Simba360*, west Florida Lion. Great)
Simba360*: Viva "LR" siempre...
Simba360*: [email protected]'Lions den is n the land of white sand beaches.....warm ocean breezes...lotsa' Florida....USA....
arhaluk: Simba360*, where are you from?
arhaluk: OlegTheLight, )
OlegTheLight: arhaluk, yea right,dude!
arhaluk: OlegTheLight, encoding is bad)
arhaluk: OlegTheLight, [email protected]==5)
OlegTheLight: hey arhaluk! Hellooooo from Belarus!
arhaluk: From Russia with love)
arhaluk: Thanks for great music!
Simba360*: ..." Long Live "LR"....
Simba360*: ...greetz of "LR" bliss 2 all space travelers.....near an' far from da'lions den...white sand beaches, warm ocean breezes an' lotsa' sunshine.....
lesinlondon: Love from London. Thanks for the great music
FAZE: Much love to ya'all !
scarpa: ../\/\..
Kopernie: obrigado! Como voc est?
thos: hallo loungers! como va?
Kopernie: great music!!!
Kopernie: Many greetings from Bonn, Germany!
George: where can be found this please?
George: Blended By Loungeofmusic [L.A.] - Oceans
tokyoB: Hi Lovely Loungers
scarpa: ../\..../\..greez to all loungers from oswg..
Sirius09: @$ir Marc yes I do if u have that'd be great.
Davo1963: Max Melvins Sand, always good to hear that one
$ir Marc: @Sirius09 - still wanted, needed? I think i got it, i can take a look maybe at 9:00pm CET, i ll let you know
Sirius09: Greetinz all! @DJ Goop where can I get a copy of "Da best of da Dub". Awesome mix. Cheers
OlegTheLight: Hello from Vitebsk,Belarus!
OlegTheLight: Hellooooooooooooooooooo!
cloud9man: Simba360* hello
Simba360*: ...Greetz 2 c9m...